Alberta Soil Series Interactive Online Map

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To search for a land location simply type it into the search box at the top of the map screen, for example type '23-2-29-W5' and click on the quarter you are interested in. To view soil-related info, click anywhere on the map and a pop-up window will appear containing soil info for the selected soil polygon.
The online interactive Alberta Soil Map provides information about the soil series, soil texture, agricultural capability, and growing season information, such as degree days, corn heat units, rainfall, and more.
  • To locate a land parcel, use the search box to search for a quarter section. Use the format QTR-SECTION-TOWNSHIP-RANGE-MERIDIAN. For example entering NW-22-9-4-W4 into the search box would locate that quarter section.
  • Clicking on the map will bring up the information about the soil types at that location, and the blue area that appears shows the extent of that soil attribute zone. At the top of the info area you'll find an arrow > to scroll to the next page of information - this area contains climate data for the growing region.
To find out more about the Soil Classification Definitions visit this page