AB, SK, MB Online Soil Maps: Soil Series, Soil texture, Soil pH, Ag Capability Maps

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If you navigate to farms or fields on the Prairies you may also be interested in my custom Legal Land Location Maps for Garmin GPS that let you search for and navigate to any quarter section.

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Alberta Soil Map

Saskatchewan Soil Map

Manitoba Soil Map

Western Canada Heat Units

Western Canada Rainfall

Manitoba Soils by Agri Capability

Online Soil & Climate Maps for Western Canada

This site was created after the Manitoba Agri-Maps website was taken down. Agri-Maps allowed users to locate a quarter section or section of farm land in Manitoba and view a soil map with information such as soil texture, pH, agricultural capability, etc. In addition to the Manitoba Agricultural Capability Soil Map, you can also view detailed soil maps for Saskatchewan and Alberta. Each map is labelled with sections and quarter sections, and clicking on a location will bring up a new window containing information such as soil texture, soil pH, soil type, agricultural capability, and more. There are also maps showing western Canada heat units and average rainfall taken from currently available data.